17 April 2007

GOOD Magazine -- Portrait of Kay Warren

Check out this quality article on Kay Warren's passion to assist in positioning local churches worldwide onto the frontlines in the battle against HIV/AIDS.

Preacher's Wife: Kay Warren is convincing Christians worldwide that AIDS is their problem.

Words By Patrick James
Photos By Trujillo-Paumier

Every Sunday, atop a hilly expanse of acreage in Lake Forest, California, Saddleback Church welcomes 22,000 of the evangelical faithful for worship. Kay Warren, 53, who co-founded Saddleback with her husband, Pastor Rick Warren (also 53 and the author of the perennial best-seller The Purpose Driven Life), sees power in these numbers. As the executive director of Saddleback’s HIV/ AIDS Initiative, she contends that the global church is the best hope in the fight against the ever-growing AIDS pandemic.

Want to read more ... http://www.goodmagazine.com/section/Portraits/preachers_wife

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