29 July 2008

Carried to the Table

This summer, we've been speaking through the book of Leviticus in a series entitled "Welcome to the Neighborhood". For over 400 years the family of Jacob (Israel) was immersed in Egyptian culture and spirituality. After which, a God, they didn't really know, redeemed them and moved them on to a new location -- one where they would be surrounded by various forms of extreme paganism. Through the law, including the book of Leviticus, God was introducing himself to this people: "Hello, my name is Yahweh, and this is how it's done in my family."

I gave a brief message on the basic sacrifices found in Leviticus 1-7. Take a listen. You can download it on iTunes, if that is easier, at Lakeside Church, Folsom. While preparing, the words of the Leeland song, "Carried to the Table" kept coming to mind. Great song.

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Joush said...

That's weird, this post was made right before I started charting Leviticus, Like a week or so.