02 December 2008

The Problem: Chris Baltzley

I had the opportunity this year to speak the first weekend of Advent. The lectionary passages I spoke from are: Isaiah 64:1-9 and Psalm 80:1-7, 17-19.

Torture yourself. Click here to listen.

A poem of exile...

I am old sorrow and past predicament.
Now, without identity in a street
nameless to me, I am a stranger:
I am longings, I am fears.

The past is years dissolving into memory.
The past is emigration, flight;
the present: yearning and homesickness
dissolving into years.

I am the wandering child
longing to belong to his lost
childhood and not be outside the present,
always withdrawn, apart.

I am the homeless child
who grew up in displacement
living in homesickness
and sickness of the heart.

Blerim Kasneci
(1977- )

Blerim was born in Tepelenë, Albania in 1977, now he is living in Toronto